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Tutorial - How to Apply Any Vocal Effects to Your Voice?

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Want to make your voice different? Turn your friend’s voice into a robot, a squeaky voice or sound like you are yelling into an echoing cave? Free Voice Changer Deluxe is capable of doing all of these tasks. It is a free voice changer with many funny vocal effects provided to suit your needs.

Step 1. Input Audio

Click the "..." button at the right of "Input Audio File" box, then choose the voice file you want to morph in the explorer window and click "Open". You can also input any existing recording or audio file.

Input Audio

Step 2. Choose the Voice Effect

Hit the big buttons at the bottom. There are an effect library which includes robot, male, female, bear, alien, ethereal, echo and many more. Choose any vocal effects you need. You can also choose the effect from the "Preset" menu or change the effect manually - in "Pitch Shift" tab, you can adjust the percentage of pitch; in the "Speed Change" tab, you can adjust the percentage of speed. If you want to change just a part of the voice, use the "Pos In File" sliders to set the Start and End points.

Choose the Voice Effect
Choose the Voice Effect

Step 3. Change Your Voice

Click "Transform" and the voice file will be changed and saved in the same folder as the original voice file with the filename "xxx_Transformed" ("xxx" means the original filename). The output folder will be automatically opened so that you can put the morphed voice in use.

Change Your Voice

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